Utopia Dystopia

Thursday, May 10th, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm Matt McLeod Fine Art Gallery is hosting the opening reception of Utopia Dystopia, the latest collection of paintings by artist Charles Henry James. The reception includes live music by Jeff Dee Laux, starting at 7:00. Refreshments will be served. The exhibition begins May 10, and ends June 28.

When you experience Charles Henry James’s work, you are left intrigued and open to interpreting it in multiple ways. You can see images of man, made into manmade structures. Beautiful landscapes are the backdrop for buildings and signs of capitalism. Plus James’s color choices and brushwork make his acrylic paintings look like digital pixilation. The result is the art feels contemporary and provocative. James allows the viewer to bring his or her own experience to interpreting the work. But, the artwork in Utopia Dystopia can be interpreted in so many different ways. It is the ambiguity that makes the work so intriguing.

“My work acts as a safety valve, generating fixed responses to human chaos,” says Charles Henry James. “The ingredients include ontology, Buddhism, horror/sci-fi films, comix, psychedelics, and humor. Add a disdain for corporatist culture and you have a good idea where my art is coming from. The work distills what I hope is a credible artistic extract.”

Experience the abiguity of Charles Henry James's work. Shop us online or drop by the gallery at 108 W. 6th Street in the heart of the Creative Corridor of Little Rock. Plus, make sure to join us Thursday May 10, for the opening of Utopia Dystopia.

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