Riding The Trail


I am frequently drawn to paint pathways, roads, streets even alleys. Visually, a path leads you into the canvas to explore further. It's an element that creates a depth of field and leads your eye into the landscape. Plus, pathways symbolize life for me. Life is a journey on a path of our choosing. I always seem to depict people enjoying the trip. I paint people walking together in small groups with a dog, or running, or riding bikes. Riding The Trail is the first scene I have painted of people riding horseback. I found this scene on the North Little Rock side of the Arkansas River. I was riding my bike on the river trail, like I do most every weekend, when I stopped to capture this scene with my camera. Central Arkansas is such an amazing place! You can be in a metropolitan area of over 1 million people and still have abundant natural space to ride your horses. How awesome is that?!

People ask me all the time, "How do you create your paintings?" My answer: I try to keep it simple. I ask a few simple questions - 1. What is the quality of light in the scene? and 2. How do I FEEL about the scene? The light in this scene was from late afternoon. The day is approaching dusk as the riders are riding under an overhead tree canopy. So, the riders are in silhouette with all this warm, reflected light bouncing into the shadows. As a painter, reflected light is an amazing place to play. This piece gave me so much room to play with warm light mixing with cool shadows. I love those color combinations! So naturally, I felt excited to approach this scene. Plus, the riders were having so much fun - with each other and their horses, I couldn't help but connect with them. So there we were, out on a beautiful spring day, enjoying our ride - me on my bike, they on their horses. Connecting. It just felt good. Really, really good.

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