Faith & Truphena

I first met Pittman when he was hired to shoot a magazine spread of me in front of the mural I had painted at 6th and Main Streets in downtown Little Rock. I was impressed by the way John David put me at ease for the photo shoot and later was incredibly impressed by the series of black & white images he showed me of his Kenya series. With his photorgraphs, Pittman gets right to the heart with beautiful images of school children eager and excited to learn. He also reveals the hauntingly serious plight of hungry children begging for work or food in the impoverished side of Nairobi. 

“What I'd like people to understand about the young people in my photos is simply that they are real and they are beautiful.” Says Pittman. “The horrors they've endured are real. Their pain is real. It's easy to disconnect from the reality of human crisis when it's on the other side of the world, but these beautiful children are real and we can help them.”

Partial proceeds from the sale of Pittman’s photographs, both in the gallery and online, will be contributed to Blue Door Sponsorship. A non-profit begun by 14-year-old Little Rock native, Abby Fegtly, Blue Door sponsorship partners with ABC Center to sponsor children rescued by the international educational program. Together, ABC and Blue Door Sponsorship spread hope by providing children with food, education, medical care, and a spiritual family. So, when you purchase a great photograph like Faith and Truphena, you can feel good about the fact that you are also helping to feed, educate and care for children in need. 

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